About this Versatile Mer Agent

Cheryl Pastrana LLC

“To be limitless one must be undefined.” ~ Cheryl Pastrana


my name is Cheryl (that has to be the weirdest name given to a Latina.) But I don’t tend to be conventional anyways so it kinda works out. You see, I’m kinda like a mermaid. Uhhh, yeah you read that right. A real mermaid. Formally known as “The Limitless Mermaid”. I’m pathing a path to link this amazing profession into the world of Applied Behavior Analysis to help world habitat conservation efforts by inspiring limitless behavior in individuals through lifestyle changes.

This is all founded on sound Behavior Science (Bx). As a grad student I am learning & researching something new each day in the ABA profession with many different and unconventional areas evolving in this field. Think mermaid.

Now, every mermaid has her own voice and this one definitely does & loves to share it within her sound studio services. We are a team of expert mer musicians (just kidding), but really. Go check us out! We do anything from commercial jingles, fully produced songs from beginning to end for commercial use, and Edu Children’s Music!

Of coarse, if you would like to book “The Limitless Mermaid” for birthdays, bachelorette parties, or corporate events contact us! – you may find yourself with a mermaid singing about her favorite exotic fruit (or) sharing it on a mermaid platter, minus the sushi. (literally!). – beats eating my mer friends.

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